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Rahpooya Davam Commercial Engineering Company provides noble services in designing, supervising, consulting, and performing construction projects, and electrical as well as mechanical facilities at the level of high international standards. These services are both available in and out of the country for industrial buildings, hospitals, commercial, offices, tourism, airports, and religious structures. The trading branch of the company with thorough knowledge of now and future market requirements of countries like Iraq, Turkey, and China supplies products, export, install, and offers after-sale services. It is noteworthy that to enforce our beloved country’s economics in the area of export this company opened up its permanent exhibition site in Iraq.




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  • Technical and engineering services
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The engineering department of Rahpooya Davam Company defined optimization as the priority in designing and performing. This quality is obvious in all the fields including industrial projects, constructions, hospitals, residuals, airports, commercial, offices, etc. and the services are available as EPC, contract management, and segregation.
The personnel of this department is divided into civil, electrical, and mechanical facilities sections and work to meet the employers’ desire in FS studies, BP providing, basic and pro designing, modeling, 3d animating, timesheet making, cash flow creating, preparation and review technical documents and both domestic and foreign contracts, projects supervision and implementation, plans of constructed projects providing and maintenance.

Active in the fields of marketing, market studies, advertising, and transport to Iraq and Turkey in all volumes Participating in Izmir exhibition of food and presenting dates and dates related products as well as honey Supply, export, and sell construction materials in Iraq on the high scale

Goals and activities:
Moreover, this company aims to export food and organic products to targeted countries (Iraq and Turkey) with completed market research, may god help to develop it.

Rahpooya Davam Company is trying to provide a chain of services in the area of export, consult, trade, technical, and engineering activities in Iraq to reduce costs and time-wasting activities that could boost export and trade.

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